Yoga for Osteoporosis

Elizabeth delivers workshops on “Yoga for Osteoporosis” tailored to meet the needs of your group. These workshops are based on the results of a study conducted by Dr. Loren Fishman with 741 patients over 10 years. These results found specific Yoga poses, practiced in a specific manner are effective in halting the progression and even reversing osteoporosis.

Elizabeth is certified by Dr. Fishman in Yoga for Osteoporosis and has given the workshops in different formats. A couple of the popular formats have been two three hour sessions that include 1.5 hours of discussion and 1.5 hours of asana practice. The discussion segment features powerpoint presentations that educate participants on movements that are contraindicated for those with bone density concerns, a detailed look at muscles that need to be strengthened and stretched to support proper posture that is critical as we age, nutrients the body needs to strengthen bone, and practical applications for daily life regarding posture, balance and body mechanics. The practice segment builds on the education segment with body movements that work the specific areas learned about during the presentation. We will also practice the 12 poses for Osteoporosis that are proven through Dr. Fishman’s work with a method proven to stop bone loss. Practical handouts are included. A second well received format is given once weekly over 6 weeks with 30 minutes of discussion and 1 hour of practice that reinforces the specific areas of discussion.

When participants complete this workshop, they will be empowered to participate in regular yoga classes and adapt the poses so they no longer risk painful and debilitating fractures.  Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to host this workshop in your location.

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Yoga for Osteoporosis by Dr. Loren Fishman
Yoga for Osteoporosis by Dr. Loren Fishman
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