I have always been a driven and confident person but after a couple of pretty intense life events, I was in a place I had not been in a very, very long time. I was frozen, stuck and unable to make even the smallest decisions with any confidence. When on FaceBook, the Art of Living kept popping up and after several times, I clicked the link. I was drawn to the Deep Into the Heart of Yoga retreat. Reading about Elizabeth and Emily, I somehow knew I needed to go to this retreat. I’ve never gone on a trip alone or a retreat for that matter and couldn’t be more grateful that I didn’t miss this opportunity. Elizabeth has such an amazing heart to serve and her love of yoga taught me things that I had never heard of. Pranayama, Marma, Ayurveda and Mantra Meditations, all eased me back to that still and quiet place in my heart.

There isn’t a big enough word to thank Elizabeth and Emily for sharing their knowledge, love and service with me and all the amazing woman that came along on this journey. I am forever grateful that I was able to have four glorious days learning to be present.

Jenna Thompson

I have been stumbling through my path and I stumbled upon Deep Into the Heart of Yoga during a decision phase and transitional milestone of my life. Should I leave my profession to explore a novel direction? I didn’t know what to expect from the retreat nor did I have expectations, but I knew I was seeking peace from this fast-paced and chaotic world and wanted to trust the unknown. Not knowing has taught me more than I could imagine and I witnessed selflessness, care, and love through Elizabeth Yates and Emily Walkup. I was surrounded by all of these elements by the women I met at the retreat as well. This retreat gave me the chance to be myself in my own space and to open my heart. I was able to express my emotions and take a deep breath while exploring yogic teachings–Ayurveda, Marma Chikitsa, Pranayama, Mantra Meditation, and Asanas. Thank you for providing space for us all and gifting us with your insights. Thank you for being a part of the introduction in my next chapter in life.

Tesceline Tabilas

In June, I attended a yoga retreat in the north Georgia mountains led by the wondrous Elizabeth Yates. As I’d undergone major surgery only 6 weeks earlier, I felt unsure of the response my body would give when I asked it to bend, stretch, or balance. In large part because of the weekend’s pure magic, my body did all I asked of it. I felt magic in the location and beauty of the spa. I felt magic in the friendship, laughter, and like-mindedness of the participants (none of whom I knew), and their willingness to be open emotionally. I felt Magic in the instruction- deep, balanced, supportive, relaxing. Many of us hoped for another immediate opportunity to recreate our time together. I plan to attend the fall retreat not to recreate the past, but to re-energize, go deeper, and breathe deeply. I can’t wait.

Lori Surmay

Practicing yoga under the instruction of Elizabeth Yates gives me relief from pain, and better balance and flexibility. But most importantly, practicing with Elizabeth, while listening to the sound of her beautiful, soothing voice, is instantly calming to my mind and spirit.

I’ve practiced with Elizabeth for over 20 years. Elizabeth has, over the years, adapted my practice to meet my body’s changing needs. Currently, Elizabeth is guiding me through yoga for osteoporosis and, as always, the practice is restorative and healing to me, body and soul.

Rebecca West

I recommend Elizabeth’s workshop on yoga and osteoporosis for all women. Osteoporosis is something that affects many women and we can take steps to prevent it or delay it’s onset and reduce it’s effects. I have practiced and taught yoga for many years and found the workshop to be enjoyable and useful. It was well researched and planned and a nice mix of practice and informative lecture/discussion. I learned things that I will continue to include in my own practice as well as in my classes.

Barbara Nardi

Yoga instructor Emory College, RYT 500

Relaxation, community, spiritual connectedness, new friendships, and yoga practice. All in one place, all in one weekend.

I was privileged to be a member of Elizabeth Yates’ Summer Yoga Retreat in Dahlonega, GA. There, a group of 21 gathered and experienced a profound weekend. Together, we practiced yoga, restoration, relaxation, meditation and spiritual connection. We stretched our bodies and our minds. We took nature walks, and enjoyed early morning chats as we watched the sun come up. Over a delicious evening meal, we shared observations of our day’s experience, and its personal impact on each of us.

I left the weekend feeling restored. The Yoga Retreat was a personal gift to my heart, body and soul, and reminded me of the importance of self-nourishment.

June Moss

Just want to say that I still love the joint freeing series. Every time my hip starts acting up I go back to those basics and within a couple of days the pain is under control. Thanks so much for teaching me that. Taking that course really changed my life. I think about my arthritis and its causes, and how to treat the pain in a different way. It is empowering to know there are basic movements that can always be done that improve my joint mobility and reduce the inflammation. I also really liked learning about the different muscles and tendons involved with the joint movement. I find that I can focus on each particular joint when going through the movements to isolate exactly what is bothering me. It is often not the whole joint, but just one particular piece. Knowing this has made it so much easier to communicate with my doctors too.

Kate Wejnert

SYT Participant