Do you care about the products you use?  Did you know that over 1400 ingredients are banned from Skincare in the European Union and in the USA only 10 ingredients.  These ingredients that are banned in the EU are known or suspected endocrine disrupters, neurotoxins, GMOs and much more. The skin is our largest organ, what we put on our body, we put in our body!

Learn more about the company and products on My NYR Website.  When I first learned about NYR, the elements most meaningful to me were our FAIRTRADE PARTNERS, the award as the first Health and Beauty Company to receive 100% in Ethics, the high quality and content of organics in the products, and the ground floor opportunity here in the United States.  When I started using the products, I felt the difference immediately.  Not only could I see a difference, but other people commented on the GLOW they saw on my face!  The aesthetic benefits were great, but the most meaningful benefits touched me on a level deeper than the mind, the deep self nourishment I experienced was profound, more so than words can express.  I invite you to “Feel the Love” and join me for a Neal’s Yard Remedies experience.

There is very little legal oversight in the USA regarding the usage of the term Organics in products.  How can you tell if a product is truly organic or whether you are being GREENWASHED.

Sadly, often you cannot tell from reading the marketing claims. To get to the truth take a good look at the ingredients listing on the packaging – does the company indicate exactly which of the ingredients are organic? If so – how many organic ingredients are there – and where do they appear in the list? Cosmetics ingredients are listed in order of quantity so the ingredients that make up the bulk of the formulation are listed first.

We often see examples of products such as “Organic Lavender Body Cream” – where the one and only organic ingredient is organic lavender oil – and it’s likely that this is less than 1% of the total. Other claims may mention “Active Organic Ingredients” as if there was some mysterious distinction between active and non-active ingredients in a product. Of course it’s absolute nonsense when companies claim to be “chemical-free” – everything is made from chemicals – preservatives, plants, people and the universe!

To avoid being greenwashed, choose products that have independent organic certification (Soil Association, USDA, etc.), or choose companies that clearly identify their certified organic ingredients and sourcing policies.

EMAIL or CALL me for a personal experience.  I love introducing friends to Neal’s Yard, the products do the rest.  Let me introduce you to these beautiful, nourishing skincare products, through a personal appt or a party where we gather friends together and do mini self facials to try a range of products from cleansers that do not dry the skin, toners, exfoliates, masks, oils, serums, and moisturizers.